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Optional  Fittings

We offer an array of optional fittings:

Fittings & Finishes:

  • Choice of Window Fittings

  • Various Spec GRP Membrane Floors

  • Automatic Door Closers

  • Cable Entry Hatches

  • Upgraded Insulation Protection

    • Our buildings are U-Value of 2.2 W/m2/oC as standard, however, we are capable of achieving higher U Values through to 0.3 when required.

  • Custom Ventilation

    • We offer a range of ventilation (natural ventilation, forced ventilation, air conditioning etc.). We also capable of calculating the air flow within our building through the various methods of ventilation to suit your requirements.

  • Higher IP Ratings

  • Dry Lining and Decoration

  • Site Installation

  • Electrical Installation

  • Sound Attenuation

  • Our buildings perform at 24dba as standard. Additionally we offer a range of attenuation levels up to 45dba when the sound produced by your equipment is an issue (e.g. in proximity to dwelling houses).

  • Thermal Engineering

  • Specialised Locking Systems

  • Hydraulics

  • Air conditioning

  • Shop/Office Fittings

  • Gas Strut Assisted Covers and Hatches

  • Explosion Relief Systems (when your equipment is at risk of explosion, to protect against/minimise the effects of explosions we offer the option of an explosion relieving roof.)

  • 18 mm Treated Plywood Mounting Boards

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