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bespoke GRP kiosks

Our standard ready built GRP buildings can be manufactured to a wide array of sizes (limited only by wide load restrictions). Buildings exceeding wide load restrictions are delivered in panel form and erected on site.  Another option is delivery in pod form (this is when we transport the building in separate ready built sections, then assemble on site).

All our standard GRP buildings can be custom manufactured with any arrangement of personnel and equipment access, doors and hatches.  Ventilation is provided in accordance with customer-required specification. All our GRP enclosures have the option of being upgraded with a large selection of fittings, installed by our highly eperienced team. 

To learn a little more about us in terms of guidelines and procedures, please click here.


Our standard and most popular GRP kiosk colour is 14-c-39, which can be seen to the right. This colour is not obligatory and can be changed. To view our other available colours, please click here.

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