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Bunded Enclosures

Through extensive research and development, we constructed a chemical dosing kiosk which incorporates the control equipment, tanks and bund into one efficient, versatile enclosure.

To provide you, the customer, with the best possible enclosure, we overcame several difficulties, including:


  • Calculating the chemical and water pressure of a spill with very little deflection in the wall and floor to ensure that should a leak occur, the bund would contain the chemical until it could be safely removed.

  • Designing the floor area of the tank compartment so that a leak would drain away into a sump valve.

  • Providing a suitable chemical resistant flow coat to the floor to prevent a chemical reaction.

  • A removable roof to allow for easy access and maintenance to the storage tank without compromising the bund.

  • A fill point to protect the tanker driver from being exposed to chemicals.

  • The control and design section of the kiosk has been segregated from the chemical storage area.





Hydrostatic Testing

For the best experience, please change the video quality to 720p.


Here is proof of our hydrostatic testing.  Quality is important to us!


This is a quick video clip of a hydrostatic test which we conducted on one of our Bunded Kiosks.  All of our Bunded Kiosks are hydrostatic tested at our work facility.  We are sure to conduct the test before despatch.

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