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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please follow the link to contact a member of staff.

What is the standard delivery time and charge?

The delivery time and charge is dependant on the size and distance travelled of the GRP enclosure.  We do offer discounts for orders that meet certain criteria, so don't hesitate to ask our sales team when you order!

What if you haven't listed an optional fitting or finish that I want?

Don't panic.  If you get in contact with our friendly sales department, we will be sure to answer any queries you do have regarding your GRP enclosure.  We will let you know whether we can arrange your required fitting or whether we can provide a substitute.

Can I customise a kiosk to whatever specification I want?

Of course. Our main priority is to meet your needs and requirements. If any special conditions need to be met, please ensure that you include as much detail in your order as possible.

How much will a GRP enclosure cost?

In order to price the enclosure, we need a detailed specification of your order.  It is pretty much impossible to quote you a GRP enclosure without knowing the ins and outs of the order.  An official quote will be issued once your specification is to your standard which will be valid for 60 days.  A discount can be negotiated for multiple orders.

Are there any GRP enclosures ready to quickly buy?

We do have ready made GRP enclosures which are available in stock.  These are our PT range, which can be seen here.  Regardless, we do quickly manufacture other GRP enclosures.  Depending on the fittings and finishes, the length of time from the intial drawing to the delivery and installation of the kiosk may vary.

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