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High Security LPCB SR3 & SR4

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We at Pro-Tect GRP are proud to announce the launch of our Defender range of LPCB SR3 enclosures. The Defender GRP range offers an impressive array of intruder resistant building components, strong points and security enclosures that conform to the requirements and testing procedures of the LPCB certification (LPS 1175: Issue 7). 

Due to the increasingly popular demand from our customers for ‘security rated’ enclosures, we have developed the "Defender" range of enclosures, to the LPCB LPS1175 – SR3 security rating. Our Defender range has been assiduously manufactured to accommodate the security and anti-terror requirements of our customers in all areas of our market sectors. We offer a range of additional optional features which allow design flexibility, whilst maintaining LPCB certification.

The LPS 1175 testing makes use of an allowable toolset and the minimum time taken at each security rating level to gain forcible entry through a building element. Its purpose is to establish a security strategy providing protection of items, information and systems of equipment. The protection provided by each security rating can be seen in the table below.  Different levels of security ratings can be requested depending on the level of threat and exposure time before intervention arrives.

  •  SR3: Deliberate forced entry of protected premises using bodily force and a selection of attack options (e.g.  screwdriver, knife, pliers, bolt cutters, claw hammer, drill, short axe, chisels, crowbar, gas torch, etc).

  • SR4: Experience attempts at forced entry with higher tool levels (e.g. SR3 tools plus felling axe, sledgehammer, steel wedges, disc grinder, jigsaw, etc).


We at Pro-Tect GRP continue to update and develop our products to ensure we continue to rise in prominence within the industry. Pro-Tect GRP provide customers with meticulous care during the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of all elements within our defender range.  Coupled with the added benefit of being a certified ISO9001 company with a combined total over 100 years’ experience, we guarantee our end product meets the correct security standard to protect your equipment

Our Defender enclosures;

  • Are available up to 20m long x 12m wide and 4m high.

  • Provide excellent thermal insulation.

  • Are low maintenance.

  • Are available in any colour from the RAL or BS range.

  • Are available with single or double doors.

  • Are available with security rated louvered vents.

*Pro-Tect GRP Enclosures have no surface indication of security level. The ratings are achieved by a combination of materials within the core. Ratings will be indicated in our drawings and certified by the independent LPCB ISO9001 audit process.*

LPCB Quality Inspection Service.

At Pro-Tect GRP, our quality inspectors are diligent in the matter of our scrupulous quality control inspections that ensure all of our products certified under LPS 1175 conform to the requirements of the security rating and that our products continue to be manufactured at an excellent standard.

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