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Top 5 Twitter Accounts Worth Following

As we know, Twitter is a continuously widening pool of opportunity to meet new people and network. The most rewarding thing for me personally is interactions with companies that I am following. It’s nice to see that the twitter account is maintained and the user is engaging with their audience – and who doesn’t like a chat?!

With more and more users joining on a daily basis, whom are the people worth following?

I have gathered my personal top 5 favourite Twitter accounts:

I love this account. The content is rich and the blog posts are forever getting my attention. The amount of tips I’ve picked up from this account is indispensable. From apps to help schedule tweets to SEO helping tools, I am forever grateful for the guidance. I know for a fact I never would have even thought of looking for such tools! I am endlessly reading blog posts that are informative and to the point - not to mention numerous infographics (for when reading paragraphs gets a bit too strenuous!). The following count is terrific with over 103k followers. For invaluable advice and help on SEO, marketing, social media, web design and other topics, I definitely would guide you towards Red Website Design. You won’t regret it!

This account is great for small businesses in particular. This is beneficial to Pro-tect GRP as we are forever growing our niche. Their follower count is 42.3k at the moment and is forever growing. The Bizitalk blog in particular is a great platform to source information. Again, the content is amazing for answers to problems with SEO and website traffic. With Bizitalk promoting their ever popular #bizitalk hashtag, businesses have followed their lead and have incorporated their hashtag into their tweets. This alone is a great way to network with new businesses and discover people who you wouldn’t have otherwise. Bizitalk have numerous accounts on Twitter, and the best part is each account will follow back! Now, that’s a bargain!

UK Business Retweets @UKBusinessRT

Business Retweets is an invaluable account with over 20.4k followers (at present – they are forever growing!). This account is guaranteed to promote your business when they are tagged in your tweets. All they ask is that you follow them first. With their large following and a guaranteed retweet of your choice, it’s a no brainer, right?!

The BrightPig twitter account always has a positive aura about them and it shows in their tweets. They are forever communicating with their followers and staying engaged. With a following of over 48.3k, you just know that they are doing something right!

With a collective following of 54.1k, Purple Dog are doing well for themselves. With constant twitter engagement and tweets promoting businesses, it would be foolish not to promote your business with this account. They also promote their own #purplebiz hashtag which allows a winner to be chosen from businesses who retweet the previous UK Business of the Day. I definitely recommend this account, folks!

There we have it. My top 5 Twitter accounts. The best part about each of these accounts is that they follow back. Everyone likes an business that follows back, am I right?

What are your top 5 Twitter accounts?

Author: Sioned Jones

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